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      Varley retained his calm by a supreme effort. His eye wandered over the sullen group.Perhaps we ought not to have come, after all, said Norman. Then they heard a light step on the stairs; but it was Ada Lancing, not Esmeralda. She was very pale, and she looked startled.

      Esmeralda, he said, I want you to do, to go wherever you please. Whatever you do will seem right in my eyes. If this idea of the drive doesnt suit you, you will say so, will you not?

      And did you have a pleasant journey? she asked.

      He was the master-mind of the Belfayre family, and had always guided its destinies since he was quite a young man; but it was not a very easy task to guide Trafford, and Lord Selvaine did not underestimate the task he had undertaken.[88] He had been very careful not to mention Miss Chetwyndes name that morning, and he looked as placid and serene as if he were quite unconscious of the problem which his companion was turning over and over in his mind.


      No, she said.


      Thank youyes. I wanted to sayI wanted to ask you to forgive me forfor what happened that night. It was presumptuous of me, andand you were right to be angry and offended, he added, humbly and penitently.