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      person in question was himself, but speaks of him as un"Quoiqu'il en soit, Mr. de la Salle se sentit quelque temps aprs empoisonn d'une salade dans laquelle on avoit mesl du cigu?, qui est poison en ce pays l, et du verd de gris. Il en fut malade l'extrmit, vomissant presque continuellement 40 ou 50 jours aprs, et il ne rchappa que par la force extrme de sa constitution. Celuy qui luy donna le poison fut un nomm Nicolas Perrot, autrement Jolyc?ur, l'un de ses domestiques.... Il pouvait faire mourir cet homme, qui a confess son crime, mais il s'est content de l'enfermer les fers aux pieds."Histoire de Mr. de la Salle.

      Without loss of time they embarked together for Fort Frontenac, paddled their canoes a thousand miles, and safely reached their destination. Here, in this third beginning of his enterprise, La Salle found himself beset with embarrassments. Not only was he burdened with the fruitless costs of his two former efforts, but the heavy debts which he had incurred in building and maintaining Fort Frontenac had not been wholly paid. The fort and the seigniory were already deeply mortgaged; yet through the influence of Count Frontenac, the assistance of his [Pg 293] secretary Barrois, a consummate man of business, and the support of a wealthy relative, he found means to appease his creditors and even to gain fresh advances. To this end, however, he was forced to part with a portion of his monopolies. Having first made his will at Montreal, in favor of a cousin who had befriended him,[229] he mustered his men, and once more set forth, resolved to trust no more to agents, but to lead on his followers, in a united body, under his own personal command.[230]Paegnion seized the copper ring on the door and rapped loudly. The door-keeper was not at his post. It was a long time before he came and drew the bolt, and he opened the door no wider than was necessary to thrust out his hand. Lycon recognized in him an old slave named Satyrus, who had a sullen face and lazy bearing.

      [40] Gallatin erroneously places the Andastes on the Alleghany, Bancroft and others adopting the error. The research of Mr. Shea has shown their identity with the Susquehannocks of the English, and the Minquas of the Dutch.See Hist. Mag., II. 294.due to him, the vicar apostolic. * At the same time he sent another to the offending abb, threatening to suspend him from priestly functions if he persisted in his rebellion. **

      the 26th September, 1667, married Marie Boucher, daughter of[163] Lettre de La Salle un de ses associs (Thouret?), 29 Sept., 1680 (Margry, ii. 50).

      (v) For the governors attitude in this affair, consult the

      Now, to pass from visions to facts: At half-past five oclock on the morning of the fifth, writes Father Lalemant, a great roaring sound was heard at the same time through the whole extent



      [31] Dollier de Casson, MS., as above. Vimont, in the Relation of 1642, p. 37, briefly mentions the ceremony.My son, persisted Simonides, there is something that weighs upon your heart. Do not deny it. By Zeus, I want to see only happy faces to-day. So, tell me what it is.


      [3] At the end of the year 1638, there were seven priests who spoke Huron, and three who had begun to learn it.A chief object of his mission, as it was represented to Seignelay, was, not only to save the colony at the Illinois from being broken up by La Barre, but also to collect La Salle's scattered followers, muster the savage warriors around the rock of St. Louis, and lead the whole down the Mississippi, to co-operate in the attack on New Biscay. If La Salle meant that La Forest should seriously attempt to execute such a scheme, then the charges of his enemies that his brain was turned were better founded than he would have us think.[273]