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      "Not much, Mary Ann," jeered Shorty. "We want a man of sense ahead, to steer. I'll git on first, then you, and then Si, to bring up the rear and manage the hind end of the log."

      "Colonel, the General presents his compliments, and says that the battery is badly stuck in the mud a little ways back. As we shall need it very much, he directs that you send a company to bring it up at once."

      "Jest my infernal luck," gasped Shorty. "I would talk, an' I got some down the wrong way."That'll just have to take its chances with the pickpockets," said he, and returned to his bed, with his gun by his side, and his cap- and cartridge-boxes under his head.

      Without appearing to notice the presence of the Aid, Shorty walked up to the lead-mule, gave him a tremendous kick in the ribs, and sung out in a tone loud enough to be heard across the roaring branch:

      "Boys," ordered Si, "a couple of you look around the house and see if you can't find a mattock and shovel.""Never knowed a cold to shut off any one's gab afore. Seems t' me that hit makes people talk more. But these Yankees air different. Whar air yer things? Did yo' bring plenty o' coffee?'

      The other boys began to catch on and grin. The Aid's face flushed, but Shorty continued his loud objurgations at the mule:

      "I don't know," said the Lieutenant doubtfully, as he mentally calculated the distance to Posey County. "I hadn't ought to let you go. Then, you can't have more than an hour or two at home."


      "Take hold of her, Jeff," said Shorty, pulling out his bayonet and giving that worthy a little prod.