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      [205]"At last," playfully sighed the Creole, "'tis good-by, Kincaid's Battery. Good-by, you hun'red good fellows, with yo' hun'red horses and yo' hun'red wheels and yo' hun'red hurras."

      Esmeralda and Lady Ada returned to the drawing-room, where Barker and Lady Wyndover awaited them impatiently, and the awful mystery of robing the bride proceeded.

      Fred Greenleaf was one of its wounded prisoners. Hilary cared for him and sought his exchange; but owing to some invisible wire-pulling by Flora Valcour, done while with equal privacy she showed the captive much graciousness, he was still in the Parish Prison, New Orleans, in February, '62, when the book was about to be made, though recovered of wounds and prison ills and twice or thrice out on his parole, after dusk and in civilian's dress, at Callender House.

      Traffords eyes flashed across to the other man.

      "Oh, her beauty does that," rejoined the kindly Miranda. "As Captain Kincaid said that evening he--"Esmeralda understood. It had only been since her marriage that the scheme had become possible.


      Im almost glad of that, said Trafford; because you cant go to-morrow. I want you, and cant spare you, at any rate, until the evening.


      Esmeralda felt an almost irresistible impulse to exclaim, I am Traffords wife only in name!to unburden her heart of its secret and its misery to this gentle, loving girl, whose very gentleness and affection had helped to mislead Esmeraldabut she remembered her promise of secrecy to Trafford and closed her lips tightly.