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      "Well, why shouldn't he see my legs? They're unaccountable nice ones."

      It was only for a momentthe next she yielded. But he had seen her reluctance, felt the shiver of repulsion go through her limbs. He rose, and pushed back his chair.He peered out into the blackness. Was that something he saw moving against the sky on the shoulder of Boarzell? It was too dark for him to make sure. Where had Albert gone? To his Radical friends, of course. They had offered to make his fortunewell, let them make it, and durn them!

      Reuben found himself glancing at her continually, and though she seldom met his eyes, he knew that she was aware of his scrutiny. He sometimes felt that Alice was aware of it too.They said nothing. There was no reason for saying anything. Everything was working systematically and correctly. Every man was doing his best, and in the best way. Nobody needed reminder, reprimand, direction or encouragement.

      "I d?an't see that. Wot I can do, they can."

      "Hush, Harry. Never speak o' that," Si admonished him.Richard shook his head.

      "Psych, me," she said. "So I'm every bit as responsible as you are. And maybe the reason there's nothing to do isis because it's already been done.""Once again," she said slowly, "I ask youis it worth while?"


      "Dr. Rogier has his preparations," the old woman said. "I'm sure they are as efficient as they can be. They are useless, but he knows that as well as I do."


      Chapter 17