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      "We ought to have a Bible by rights," said Tom.232"No, confound it; he ain't here," said Si, excitedly springing to his feet; "he has been knocked down and robbed."

      "Nope," answered Shorty sententiously. "Both sound as nuts and healthy as mules."

      They all listened eagerly to the reading of the letter, and when it was finished looked for Shorty. But he had gone outside, where there was more air.

      Both guns came down at the same instant, each man grasped his muzzle with his left hand, and reached for his cartridge-box, awaiting the next order.

      Shorty took the gift thankfully, and turned over the tracts with curiosity.

      "Paid in gold for her," said the officer, examining the cow critically. "Pretty high price for that kind of a cow."

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      "Well, you are a Job's comforter," thought Shorty.124"The Adjutant-General set me to work under a fly near Headquarters, unt he was tickled almost to death with the way I did my work. Old Bragg himself used to walk up unt down near, growling unt cussing unt swearing at everything unt everybody. Once or twice the Adjutant-General called his attention to my work. Old Bragg just looked it over, grunted, unt bored me through unt through with258 those sharp, cold, gray eyes of his. But I thought I was safe so long as I was at Headquarters, unt I gave a great stiff to other Secret Service men who had been trying to down me.