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      CHAPTER V. THE SPIRITUALISM OF PLOTINUS.There was more than Larry had ever dreamed there would be to keep in mind: there was the maintaining of level flight; even in his simplest personal contact with the controls; then there was the job of keeping the horizon line at the right location by watching past a chosen spot on the engine cowling, else they would start to climb or go into a glide. There was the real horizon to distinguish from the false horizon, which an airman knows is, through some trick of the air, the visible horizon that is just a little bit above the true horizon, so that to hold level flight in a forward direction, that false horizon is not held on a line with the top of the engine cowling, but, to hold a line with the true horizon the marking point is held just a trifle below that false, visible horizon line.

      Instantly they knew the worst!

      Over the hangar they rose, and Larry, holding a more gentle angle to avert a stall, continued upward until his altimeter gave him a good five hundred feet.

      Jeff chews gum, he mused. He pretended not to know any was in this amphibian. But its gone! Well, he told himself, Ill watch and see what hes up to. Hell give himself away yet!

      I know how that fits, Sandy spoke earnestly. The hydroplane men were honest, and Jeff worked into their confidence and offered to help themto discover the plan! CHAPTER XIV


      My opinion on the matter is still the same as when I first wrote about it to De Tijd, and in Vrij Belgi?; and from my own personal knowledge and after mixing with the people I consider the allegation that the Belgians acted as francs-tireurs an absolute lie.


      Somebody had to be in that hydroplane, Sandy mused. They were there to switch on the light, to turn the boat, and to set it on the new course!Here! Mr. Everdail was triumphant as he threw the life preserver out of his cockpit to Larry. As I live and breathe, that life preserver ought to be in a museum! He grinned as he came to the ground. Thats the flyingest life preserver I ever sawfirst it goes joy-riding in a seaplane, then in the phib and now it runs off on the Sound and comes riding back with me.


      Antwerp had suffered from the horror of war. The bombardment had destroyed many beautiful quarters almost entirely, and even damaged badly a number of hospitals. Of course the loss of many lives had to be deplored.