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      For an hour or so the world seemed to have taken me for its center as smoothly as a sleeping top. Only after a good seven miles did my meditations begin to reveal any bitter in the sweet; but it was in recalling for the twentieth time the last sight of Camille, that I heard myself say, I know not whether softly or loudly,"I wish you hadn't told me this," he murmured, uneasily. "It would have been far----"

      CHINESE CLOISONN ON METAL. CHINESE CLOISONN ON METAL."It mustn't happen," said the Doctor, recovering slightly, "that's the flat fact. If it's food you require, then food you shall have."

      "Got a message from Mr. Charlton to follow him here," Prout gasped. "You don't mean to say that you've got her here, sir?"

      "I thought you were pretty well set," he remarked, casually.

      Ren Lalage confessed himself puzzled. Compatriots had shown him the paper, but he had forgotten. There was a headpiece to the paper with a woman on it blowing a trumpet. It seemed to be all actors and the like."Hmm; Charlotte Oliver. Are you sure you have the name just right?"

      "You'll be the first prisoner I ever shot if you get any funnier!"

      "It is very good of you to assist me in my deductions," he said. "But that does not quite account for everything; in fact, it accounts for nothing. There are finer houses in the localities I speak of, with better gardens. And a lady who pays for nothing has no need to study economy.""That," I replied, "is a very different matter! At least I had hoped it was!"


      "What?" Bruce cried. "Read that over again." "The gentleman said he didn't want new vases, but old ones, and thereupon the dealer said,


      The aide-de-camp laughed like a rustic and vanished. "Smith," said the Major, "your eyes are--"


      He held his breath and turned his head slowly to the right. For a long time the sound increased only very slightly. And then, there broke upon the general stillness a series of abrupt explosions.