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      He does not say what is meant by infamous conduct and indecent talk; but the allusion is probably to irreverent utterances touching the Governor in which the officers from France were 167

      "Not hungry, thanks."[48] Mmoires sur le Canada, 1749-1760. The charges made here and elsewhere are denied, somewhat faintly, by a descendant of La Jonquire in his elaborate Notice biographique of his ancestor.

      [278] Haliburton, who knew Winslow's Journal only by imperfect extracts, erroneously states that the men put on board the vessels were sent away immediately. They remained at Grand Pr several weeks, and were then sent off at intervals with their families."Oh! but I'm hungry!" Counsell said involuntarily, showing all his white teeth.

      [554] Mmoire sur le Canada (Archives Nationales).[94] Mmoire de Subercase.

      [2] Mmoire du Sieur d'Iberville sur Boston et ses Dpendances, 1700 (1701?). Baron de Saint-Castin also drew up a plan for attacking Boston in 1702 with lists of necessary munitions and other supplies.

      V1 was generally decent, and they were not cannibals; though in other respects they retained all their traditional ferocity and most of their traditional habits. They held frequent war-feasts, one of which is described by Roubaud, Jesuit missionary of the Abenakis of St. Francis, whose flock formed a part of the company present."Soldats, officiers, gnraux,


      "What's that?" said Riever.


      [3] Brouillan Bellomont, 10 Ao?t, 1701. Conseil de Baston Brouillan, 22 Ao?t, 1701. Brouillan acted under royal orders, having been told, in case of war being declared, to propose a treaty with New England, unless he should find that he can "se garantir des insultes des Anglais" and do considerable harm to their trade, in which case he is to make no treaty. Mmoire du Roy au Sieur de Brouillan, 23 Mars, 1700.