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      As soon as his visitor was gone, Keeling went straight on with his mornings work. There were a couple of heads of departments to see, and after that, consulting his memoranda, he found he had made an appointment to interview a new private type-writer, in place of one whom he had lately been obliged to dismiss."Is the room ready, Bridget?" he abruptly asked his wife.

      COVER OF JAPANESE BOWL. COVER OF JAPANESE BOWL."But what is it," asked Black Jack, "that I shall add to the parchment?"

      Lucy started, and made an involuntary effort to withdraw the hand that Wells had taken; but he held it firmly, while he added,

      "You shall receive that of your own eyes," said Holgrave, "if it please you to accompany me;" and Richard, expressing a wish to witness every thing connected with the strange discovery, arose, and, with De Boteler, Oxford, and Sir Robert Knowles, proceeded as we have before described, to the bed-chamber. "From that bed, my lord," said Holgrave to De Boteler, "I took the childit slept soundlyI crept down these stepsit was a dark nightand I got home without being seen!"

      "You have made him a freeman since then?" inquired Sir Robert.