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      Pitt resigned, and his colleagues rejoiced. [871] Power fell to Bute and the Tories; and great was the fall. The mass of the nation was with the defeated Minister. On Lord Mayor's Day Bute and Barrington were passing St. Paul's in a coach, which the crowd mistook for that of Pitt, and cheered lustily; till one man, looking in at the window, shouted to the rest: "This isn't Pitt; it's Bute, and be damned to him!" The cheers turned forthwith to hisses, mixed with cries of "No Bute!" "No Newcastle salmon!" "Pitt forever!" Handfuls of mud were showered against the coach, and Barrington's ruffles were besmirched with it. [872]

      "Are you alone?"

      Pen refused to be diverted. "Where did you get it?"

      Corporal si Klegg 151

      2 Cor. v. 18, 19.

      It was the greatest that the French arms had yet achieved in America. The defeat of Braddock was an Indian victory; this last exploit was the result of bold enterprise and skilful tactics. With its laurels came its fruits. Hated Oswego had been laid in ashes, and the would-be 415[814] Letters of Horace Walpole, III. 254, 257 (ed. Cunningham, 1857).



      "He could have got but the briefest of glances."


      V2 opportunities and set in action the forces that have planted English homes in every clime, and dotted the earth with English garrisons and posts of trade.