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      Back along the hangar wall they crept, until they came up to the small wooden cupboard with its dusty, frayed protecting burlap across the front. Under the cupboard boards the wires ran well concealed by more dusty lint which seemed to have been swept into the corners by the lazy act of some cleaner.And how! Jeff nodded. Now, that-there Everdail necklace that was in his side of the family for generationsthat wasnt took out of the safe-deposit box once in a lifetime, hardly. Most generally the missus wore a good paste imitation.

      Then he means to get away with Jeff

      The chase turned toward him.

      Of course I did not withhold my answer, pilloried the hardly serious inquiry of the Germans, and published immediately an extensive contradiction in De Tijd. I quote the following from it:

      Flying fast, in a steep descent, they went across the nose of the amphibian, and in the turmoil of their propeller wash she went almost out of control, and before her pilot caught up his stability the hydroplane raced across her path in a slanting line and made for the small round object bobbing in the trough between two swells.


      I also met there a compatriot, who had got permission to go to The Netherlands, but declined to leave. She was Mrs. de Villers, ne Borret. On August 27th I wrote about her to De Tijd:"1. The young men need not fear that they will be taken to Germany in order to serve in the German army, or be compelled to do any work.


      I think it came out the way it does in books, Sandy declared. Each set wanted those emeralds, and they tried to outdo one anotherand maybe the hydroplane was the honest one of the lot, with Mr. Everdailsthe real onescaretaker, summoned by the captain.


      Yes, Sluys will always live in my memory. How well have been received the thousands of Belgians who went there for shelter and how much misery have I seen relieved by the effectual mutual help of the Belgians and that of the civil and military Netherland authorities. The burgomaster in particular seemed to be the right man in the right place, and it was chiefly due to his sagacity that everything went so regularly in that small town, which had to maintain the proportionately greatest number of refugees.